Michael Ast at his table
Terry Shaver at Chuck Ulrick's table
Jay Volke with his assortment
Larry Stark's table
Flea market at 8:13 A.M.
Karl Johnson and his tables
John Stone, Bill Ross, Larry Wright & Les Updegrove have a friendly discussion
All photographs provided by Daniel Schoo
Allen Piorek's row of cathedrals
Mark Hewitt's items for sale
Eria clock radio at Richard Sage's table
Steve Muchow chats with Jim Novak
Ted Booden winner of sellers raffle with Olin Shuler
Olin Shuler with 50/50 raffle winner Jim Rajkovac
Chuck Brown fundraiser auction
Jim Novak hold up a Trav-Ler portable battery set
Tom Kleinschmidt holds up a radio for the Chuck Brown fundraiser auction
Rudy Hecker collects the high bids at the donation auction
Donation auction items being looked over
Behind the scenes at the business meeting following the swapmeet
ARCI 2014 Radiofest Chick Magnet Award goes to our outgoing President Olin Shuler
Thank You Olin for all your hard work and dedication to ARCI