March 2014
Floyd Kopis buys a soldering gun from Jim Novak
Buyers at Jay Volke's table
All photographs provided by Daniel Schoo
Swap meet shortly after start up
Ted Booden and his clean radio's up for sale...including a pair of Zenith Transoceanic portables
Karl Johnson and Pete Nauseda at their table
Lloyd Zimmerman chats with Marshall Pochay about a Philco RF signal generator
Julia and Dave Bart
Gary Bernstein at his table with Bill Cohn
Les Updegrove inspects a train controller with Rudy Hecker at the donation auction area
Steve Bartkowski talks with Jay Volke
People's Choice 1st place winner Mark Detgen with his 1939 GE H500 with box
People's Choice 2nd place winner Mike Hengles with his 1941 Detrola 330
People's Choice 3rd place winner Jerry Weiland with his Erla S51 battery set
Jim Novak starts up the donation auction
ARCI members just itching to outbid each other
Jim Novak and his colorful descriptions of items up for auction
Lloyd Zimmerman inspects a National Panasonic portable short wave radio
Bob Bieker sells tubes in the parking lot