February 2015
All photographs provided by Daniel Schoo
Ron Harroff talks tubes with Brent Jessee
In the corner at Jerry Weiland's table
Some of the guys at Allen Jochem's table
Marshall Pochay and Jim Novak at his table
Dave Bart and Ed Heuther at Allen Jochem's table
Jeff Aulik ,Lloyd Zimmermann and Karl Johnson at Jay Volke's table
1948 Bush Radio model EBS.4 shortwave receiver
Bob Piekarz at Pete Nauseda's tables
Stewart and Tom Kleinschmidt
Donation Auction
Sony CRF-230B World Zone multiband shortwave AM/FM receiver
Larry Stark winner of the table raffle
Jack Lavelle awards Pete Nauseda the 50/50 raffle prize with ARCI president John Stone
Tom Kleinschmidt calls the donation auction
Thank You to everyone that came out this cold winter morning!

                          Thanks Daniel for all the photographs