February 2014
Karl Johnson with Rudy Hecker at Karl's table.
Mike Dorneker with a rare Majestic model 174              radio has a program timer on its side.
Jim Novak chatting with Marshall Pochay and Gil Schlieman at Jim's table.
Mike's other radio's for sale
Jim stops by to chat with Jim Novak
Howie Herman checks out the WLS radio magazines & Ken Carlson browses the LP records at Jon Smith's table.
Bill Gravac eyes a Craftsman 800 tuner & Ken Carlson looks at a watt hour meter.
Pete Nauseda mans his & Karl Johnson's table.
Les Updegrove examines a compressed air operated synchronized clock at Jon Smith's table.
Jim, Jon & Les discuss something very important...maybe not.
All photographs provided by Daniel Schoo