All photographs provided by Daniel Schoo
December      2015
Thank you for all the donations...and coming out to join us!
The following pictures are the donation auction
Jim Menning's outdoor tables
Paul Drake also hanging outdoors
Ristaucrat Dial-O-Matic combination radio-45 RPM record player.These were used in bars and held 18 records.It would play and lift and replay endlessly.
Jim Messing had this up for sale.
National Panasonic transister LW/AM/SW/FM radio...also at Jim Messings table.
Chris Farley's assortment
Jim Novak's table of meters
Val Johnson at his table
Mike Eqberty reads the ARCI news at his table
Mark Hewitt's collection of items for sale.
Alan Jochem with his tables
Paul Mundt at his table
Jay Volke sorting through his items
Bob "The Tube Man" Bieker's tables
Lorenzo Hernandez enjoys a cup of coffee with his items for sale