All photographs provided by Daniel Schoo
December      2014
Bill Reid and Lloyd Zimmerman at Jim Novak's table
Dan Bollinger with a Majestic model 360
Jack LaVelle (L) is presented an award in honor of Janet, desiginating every December meet as "The Janet LaVelle Holiday Party" Keith Schreiter (C) and  President John Stone (R)
Paul Drake examines documents with Ted Booden
John Stone with lucky 50/50 raffle winner Barry Janov
Mark Hewitt's table...Mark chatting with Art Bilski
Jay Volke's table
Bob Piekarz at Ted Booden's table
Dynaco stereo 70 amplifier with Dyna stereo pre-amp
1930's Philmore crystal set
1931 Apex model 8A
Tom Kleinschmidt calls the donation auction
Janet LaVelle aka "Cookie Lady" & 50/50 raffle "The Janet Special"
Thank You and we will miss you very much.