All photographs provided by Daniel Schoo
August 2014    Radiofest
Friday's Flea Market
Early morning at Art Bilski's tent
Brent Jessee buys an RCA WT-100A restored tube tester
Ted Booden's table
Jay Volke's tents
Pete Nauseda at his table
Gary Ball at his table
Karl Johnson with a Harmon-Kardon tube receiver
Jane Wisner's table
Vernon Kaufert with a Guild "Buttons and Bows" sewing motif AM/FM radio
Bill Engass with a Tung Sol tubes advertising clock
"Electric Shop" kit radio from Austin H.S. in Chicago
Activity at the Kleinschmidt table
Military tube testers TV-2 & TV-7 at Jeff Arndt's table
Barry McDaniel's table and boxes of knobs
Dayrad type 361 tube tester at Craig Husebow's table
Richard Sage's table
Bill Allen's table
Barry Janov
Atwater Kent model 275 & lamps at Mike Kreuser's table
Alan Jesperson's tent
Robert Regez and his table
Jim Novak at his table
Greg Farmer with manning his table
Julie Collings at her table
Lucy Luscomb with her items
Fred Stavitzke and his son
Stan Kleen with his items for sale
Alison Gallensky at her table
Ed Heuther at his radio repair clinic
Barry McDaniel's table
Trent Nicol's table
Ed Huether working on a Zenith
Customer's at the Muchow table
Jim Sargent in his tent
Bob Piekarz with his capacitor's & other items
Alan Jochem's table's
Megan Dorneker's ground display
Jack Lavelle's table's
Dan Clark chats with Bill Thompson
Olin Shuler at the Motorola WWII presentation
Barry Janov with his son Robb with his six string electic violin
Rudy Hecker relaxing at his table
Janet Lavelle's ladies luncheon
Ed Schumacher WA9GQK with his ham station
Art Bilski with a RCA 15GP22 color picture tube
Jim Menning at his table