All photographs provided by Daniel Schoo
August 2014    Radiofest
--- Old Equipment Contest ---
Marconiphone Bay Crystal
Homebrew Smitty's deForest set 2 tubes
Melo-Heald model 11 with Pathe loudspeaker
Norden-Hauck Super DX 5
RPM model 50, 1923
SCR-300 / BC-1000 walkie talkie
Zenith Child's Chairside 1937
Westinghouse & Elmac radar tubes used at Pearl Harbor 1940
Sears Silvertone Transistor table model 20, 1959
Zenith Remote Control Collection 1953-2010
Zenith & other similar styled transistor radios 1955-1968
Pioneer model FM-P300 AM/FM/SW receiver
Heathkit AJ-53 AM Tuner 1964
Badger Radio Co. cone speaker model Badger 1927
Sonatron Red,White,Blue Resistance Coupled Amplifier 1927
Zenith Walton Radio Store Miniature Reproduction
Golden-Leutz Pliodyne model 9 and Pliodyne model 6 1924-1925
USS Hornet Ship Speaker, Western Electric model KS-10107 Reproducer
Motorola Transistor Radio model X12A