2017 Radiofest
Special Display
Post WWII Electronics
All photographs provided by Daniel Schoo
Approved Electronic Instument Corporation Model A-460 Television field strength meter
Philco Safari battery operated television set
Hallicrafters S-38D amateur radio receiver 1951
Philco AM/FM radio 1948
Emerson model 747 subminiature tube radio
Acousticon subminiature tube hearing aid 1950
Model EJ 507 Y, RCA's first portable color TV set
Magnecorder modular tape recorder, type PT6-IM-4 mixer, PT6-1 record/playback, PT6-AH transport
Ampex model 402 tape transport and record play electronics
Ampex model 602 tape recorder and tape accessories
Ampex model AG-500 transistorized tape recorder
Sinclair "Micro Vision" miniature pocket tv set
General Electric trasistor radio, first to use an integrated circuit
Sparton "Easy Goer" 300 series radios in three colors
Mercury model 1101 tube tester kit
RCA International model 9INT1 european styled radio