August 2015    Radiofest
All photographs provided by Daniel Schoo
Saturday's Flea-Market
Karen Smith with a Howard model 225
Allen Jochem with a homebrew battery set
Warren Goodrich tables
Tim & Tom Moen
David Pyrell at his table
Collection of old tubes & a 1912 external grid Weagant valve at Jeff Arendt's table
Ty Travers at his tables
Bill Allen at his table
Art Bilski's table
Radiola III & a 1923 Crosley model 51 at Art Bilski's table
Sony World Zone shortwave radio model CRF230B at Jim Novak's Table
Dan Greep with a Silvertone 6421 in a custom cabinet
Bil Cohn holds Zenith news June & July 1977
Nick Tillich checking over his tables
Bill Engaas with other members checking the chassis
Ted Booden adusts his selection of radios for sale
Jay Volke's tent with his large selection of items & (1000's of knobs)
Crosley Pup at Julie Collings table
Sam Luscomb at his table
Philco Butterfly
Don Pehlke at his indoor sellers table
John O'Briant's selection at his table
Troy peach color mirror radio
Dave Bart looks over his selection
First time attendee Jeff Corder's display
Dan Carney with his truckload
Ron Haring's display
Tom Carlson's display
Jim Menning's tables
Alan Jesperson's tent
Mike Huberty and Terry Tratner
David Dzialakiewicz tables
Matt Endicott with his items
West end of the Flea market on the grass
Main parking lot facing east at 10:50 AM
Daniel Schoo takes a break from taking pictures and visits with Bill Cohn
Thank You Daniel for all your hard work throughout the years.
(photo courtesy of Jim Novak)
The following pictures were taken by Jim Novak
Ekkehart Willms from California and his magnificent microphone display.
Ekkhart Willms with Dave Bart
Ed Schumacher WA9GQK  operates the 1960's vintage Hallicrafters station
Chris Farley KC9IEQ look on as Ed Schumacher answers a call on a Drake TR-7 early solid state rig
Jim Novak WA9FIH operating Kenwood's first VHF-UHF FM radio