August 2015    Radiofest
All photographs provided by Daniel Schoo
Special Zenith Display
Walton (unknown model #)
  Good night John Boy
Model 6D326
Deluxe Chinese model
1939 prototype TV set
Special stratoshere made for Commander McDonald's mother in 1937
Transoceanics, other unidentified battery set and a Z-Nith 1922 model 1R
1925 Super Zenith VIII
Royal 500 in presentation case
Flashmatic remote control 1955
Prototype Marine Radio and speaker
1925 Super portable battery set
WWII bomb proximity fuse
First commercial TV set 1949
Audiometer calibrator 1958
Model 1P prototype one tube regenerative receiver
Commander McDonald's snow shoes from the 1925 MacMillian artic expedition with a custon radio receiver built for the expedition aboard the SS Peary
Chicago Radio Laboratories Z-Nith model 1R from 1922
Chicago Radio Laboratories Z-Nith type MC-3 1919-1920
Chicago Laboratories tuner Z-Nith type AGN2 from 1919-1920
Chicago Radio Laboratories Z-Nith model REG 1919-1920
Radioalarm prototype clock radio 1940 ish that was never produced
Some shots from around the room...

I hope everyone enjoyed the 2015 Radiofest!
1920's Radio / Phonograph