August 2015    Radiofest
All photographs provided by Daniel Schoo
Stearman Homebrew
Telegram from Carl Sandberg to Margaret Cuthbert of the National Broadcasting Corporation
Motorola Airboy 1946 model AR-96-23 Aircraft radio
Crosley 1941 model 27 battery/AC portable radio
Valley Electric Vallytone model 52 TRF battery set
Voice of Music model 721 prototype large format audio cassette tape recorder 1960
Clapp-Eastham "Baby Emerson" 1927 "multivalve" single tube receiver
Marconiphone model 31 receiver
Radio for the Millions construction article homebrew set "400 mile"
Travier models 527 and 630
Clinton "Palm Tree"
Stantex four tube portable radio
Granco model 701U 1959 AM/FM plastic radio
Crosley advertising sign,optical illusion the eyes follow the observer
Zenith transistor radio display
Arcadian ceramic parrot speakers
Heco Gnome speakers
General Electric model C-400 in pink & turquoise
Jullette Super Micro Transister Radio model TR-91M with model AMP-3 docking unit with speaker
Novelty transistor and novelty crystal sets
Zenith Royal 500 in pink with leather case
Zenith model Royal 20 transistor radio